After moving from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve accomplished the final step which is getting everything toghether in one single hosted domain: The site is still in its early stage but at least the blog and the download links seem to work fine.

In addition, the old Blogger website ( has been completely removed. Please update your bookmarks:


I’ve been lately working on a project which employed continuous integration as a day-to-day development tool. In brief, continuous integration means sistematically building (and testing) a project to ensure that common problems such as broken builds or unit test crashes are detected as early as possible.

Of course, this doesn’t make too much sense in personal projects, because one itself is the only contributor to the source code base (and we all now how to behave ourselves in private). But in collaborative projects, where many people checks out and in source code on a regular basis, a centraliced build system raising alarms when someone screws up is of great help.

Do you like the idea? well, here’s my suggestion for a cool pants free continuous integration scheme: Perforce (free up to 2 users) for source code control, CruiseControl (open source) for schedulling builds and gathering all the data, and finally infoscape (free, check it out on this website) to get round-the-clock notifications on build events via RSS.

Folks, here are a few more screenshots showing how the baby looks. Expect something you can actually download & run before en of the month.

infoscape for OS X



Current status: memory management is still a complete mess and there is a lot of testing to be done. A thousand miles away from beta quality level.

More to come, stay tuned.

In opposite to many other crazy desktop and web applications, Hotmail knows how to deal with features over time: instead of increasing and enhancing them day after day (or year after year), Hotmail actually decreases the number and quality of its abilities.

A clear example is the new Windows Live Hotmail. I will not talk about how they stole the “live” suffix from infoscape because I stole it from Vodafone and, hum, well, the word sucks anyways.

The point is, they dropped important features such as automatic mail forwarding and autoresponse, unless you sign up to the premium service (which also unleashes the amazing POP3 access technology: sweet deal). Now I’m stuck with two email accounts people uses to contact me in a regular basis, and I want to drop, but there is no way to bridge them with my main GMail address.

Hotmail in combination with Messenger was once a good communication platform, but now it is too limited, too full of ads and the name isn’t cool anymore. Microsoft, please move on.

Summer breakz.


Google bots should not be having a hard time tracking my website changes lately… I’ve been in vacation for one week now and I only hit my desktop to check (personal) email and chat with my buddies.

mmmm… summer…